Our mission


Lattitude Global Volunteering (formerly known as Gap Activity Projects) is an international youth development charity.  Our mission is to educate and develop young people worldwide by providing inclusive opportunities for them to make a positive difference to the lives of others through a distinctive, challenging, structured and supported international volunteering experience in a culture and community different from their own.

Through global volunteering, we aim to give young people the opportunity to experience the world beyond their community and to truly engage with it.  We seek to develop  young people’s awareness and responsibilities towards themselves and others, and equip them with vital life skills.


Our vision


Our vision is of a world where all young people contribute to a more dynamic, caring and tolerant society as responsible global citizens.


Our beliefs and values

  • We believe in the adaptability and creativity of young people and their power to drive positive cultural change
  • We value the practical support and contribution young people can make
  • We believe cross cultural international exchange, integration and collaboration fosters understanding between different nations and cultures
  • We value lifelong learning through practical action, experience and reflection

Our approach

  • We balance independence for our volunteers with our duty of care
  • We work with partners based on relationships of trust, openness and respect
  • We strive for continuous improvement, actively encouraging creativity and developing ideas
  • We provide caring and committed services and support to our hosts and volunteers
  • We acknowledge the valuable work of our volunteer staff and supporters

We have 40 years’ experience, regional offices in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Canada, and country managers in South Africa, Ghana, Malawi and Vietnam. We have supported nearly 40,000 young volunteers around the world.



Each year the dedicated team in our Vietnam office welcomes approximately 50-60 international young volunteers from a variety of countries into Vietnam to teach English in schools and colleges throughout the country. The number of volunteers coming to Vietnam in 2012, 2013 will be increased significantly.


40 years of Volunteering overseas


In 2012, Lattitude Global Volunteering will celebrate 40 years in operation and there’s plenty to celebrate.
Lattitude Global Volunteering, formerly GAP Activity Projects, was founded in the UK in 1972 with the mission to find and create worthwhile volunteer work, in a safe environment, for schools leavers looking to do a ‘gap year’ between school and university.

The first volunteers were sent to Germany and from there GAP/Lattitude Global Volunteering progressed to where we are today: sending volunteers to a variety of countries across Asia, Africa, The Americas and Australasia, as well as welcoming volunteers from across the world into the UK.

Lattitude Global Volunteering (GAP) was awarded charitable status in 1976 and became a founding member of the Year Out Group in 2000. In 2001, Lattitude Global Volunteering offices were opened in Australia and New Zealand, followed by Lattitude Global Volunteering, Canada in 2009.

In 2008 GAP re-launched as Lattitude Global Volunteering to address the impact of the organisation as more focused on youth development and global volunteering whilst continuing its mission to make a positive difference to the lives of others whilst developing and educating young people worldwide.

Today, Lattitude Global Volunteering operates from across the world, with in-country managers and a team of dedicated volunteers to ensure that volunteering opportunities are available to all young people.

Quick facts
Capital: Hanoi
Government: Republic
Language: Vietnamese
Population: 88.1 million
Religions: Buddhism
Timezone: GMT +7
Climate: climate, with humidity averaging 84 % throughout the year
Currency: đồng
"Discovering Vietnam and how radically different it is from England (I really did fall in love with it) has also made me want to travel more and explore the world and all it has to offer. I would never have been this adventurous had I not been on this placement; it’s really opened my eyes to the world."

Marianne, English teacher