Quang Ninh Centre for Continuing Education

Placement Address

Quang Ninh Centre for Continuing Education
Vuon Dao, Bay Chay Ward,
Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam

Trung tam Giao duc thuong xuyen va Dao tao can bo Tinh Quang Ninh
Vuon Dao, Phuong Bay Chay, TP. Ha Long,
Tinh Quang Ninh, Viet Nam

Tel: +84 (0)33 3 511 984
Fax: +84 (0)33 3 844705

Placement dates

•  Late August to 15th January
•  Late January to 15th June

Please note that we work with hosts to establish start and finish dates for placements in each programme. However, exact end dates may vary somewhat from placement to placement and year to year.  On arrival at your placement, you should receive guidance and training on your role and responsibilities, and you should take this opportunity to establish when your host expects you to finish.  This date should be respected, and you should only leave your placement earlier than this date with the express agreement of your placement and Programme Manager.

Placement contacts

Placement Head: Mr. Tran Hoa Binh, Director
Tel: +84 (0)33 3 846 374
Mobile: +84 (0)913 578 497
Email: tranhoabinh@quangninh.gov.vn, tranhoabinhbc@gmail.com

Volunteer Mentors:  Mr. Tran The Khoa, Vice Director, Head of English Faculty
Tel: +84 (0)33 3 511 984
Mobile: +84 (0)903 419 288
Email: khoathuyhalong568@gmail.com

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hai Yen, Vice Head of English Faculty
Mobile: +84 (0)912 029 620
Email: yenwise@gmail.com

Background on host institution

Halong City is on the coast, a little north of Hai Phong, overlooking the famous Halong Bay (World Heritage site).  Some 3-4 hours by road from Hanoi.

Quang Ninh Centre for Continuing Education and Cadre Training, an organization directly under Quang Ninh Provincial People’s Committee, is responsible for training, retraining, professional and vocational training to meet various learning needs of civil servants and the people in the area, to enhance people's knowledge, to contribute to the development of qualified human resources in order to meet the requirements of economic-social development of the province.

Volunteers duties

Volunteers are expected to improve speaking, listening skills and also pronunciation for students.

Volunteers will teach a total of about 20 hours.

Accommodation and food 

Volunteers are accommodated in spacious room with all neccesary facilities in the guest house on the campus.  There is a canteen and Internet is available.

Volunteers receive a 3.000,000 VND food allowance.

Financial allowance

There is an additional allowance of 1,000,000 VND per month for incidental expenses.

Suitable clothing

Vietnam is a reasonably conservative country and both male and female Lattitude volunteers should dress appropriately at their placements.  As teaching assistants, Volunteers need to dress in professional attire and not as backpackers.  Blouses, tops (no strappy singlets), knee-length skirt and trousers are good choices for females and collared tops and neat trousers are required for males.

Other information

• The centre is about 4 km from another placement, which is Van Lang school.

Recent volunteers

Kaylah Maree Fox: roleyoureyesatthis@gmail.com
Meg Nancy Grayson: meggrayson1@gmail.com 

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Quick facts
Capital: Hanoi
Government: Republic
Language: Vietnamese
Population: 88.1 million
Religions: Buddhism
Timezone: GMT +7
Climate: climate, with humidity averaging 84 % throughout the year
Currency: đồng
"Discovering Vietnam and how radically different it is from England (I really did fall in love with it) has also made me want to travel more and explore the world and all it has to offer. I would never have been this adventurous had I not been on this placement; it’s really opened my eyes to the world."

Marianne, English teacher