Tamara Langborne - First month in Vietnam


Well, I have been in Vietnam for a month in 4 days. I have learnt the basics of the language and had conversations with a few randoms.

On the weekend I went down to Vung Tau with some friends, it is a really nice beach area, so I spent a lot of time swimming. I also climbed a massive Jesus statue, where you can climb in his arms, and the view of Vung Tau from there is amazing!! (it’s kind of like the lookout).

Teaching is going well, at the moment I’m just talking about myself, and where I come from, so Tumut. I also discuss Australia, and the weather, government, youth, and a lot of other random little topics.

I work 36 hours this month (or less) I don’t work Fridays, Saturday, or Sunday and don’t work most Mondays or Wednesdays. On the days I work, I teach 2 classes that day, and sometimes only one.

I have made some great friends over here, some from the Lattitude program and some from Vietnam. The Vietnamese people are so nice, they always say hello and smile and/or give the piece sign.

There is also an amusement park and waterparks, and waterfalls that we shall be going to this weekend. 

Quick facts
Capital: Hanoi
Government: Republic
Language: Vietnamese
Population: 88.1 million
Religions: Buddhism
Timezone: GMT +7
Climate: climate, with humidity averaging 84 % throughout the year
Currency: đồng
"Discovering Vietnam and how radically different it is from England (I really did fall in love with it) has also made me want to travel more and explore the world and all it has to offer. I would never have been this adventurous had I not been on this placement; it’s really opened my eyes to the world."

Marianne, English teacher