Tamara Langborne - Finding the best spots in Vietnam

So far I am now teaching at 6 different Marketing Campus’s and around 23 Classes. There are a lot of classes that do not speak much English, so I usually just teach them songs like ” if you’re happy and you know it” or “the hokey pokey” , and play games and things, which is really fun! For the more advanced classes, I am teaching them Australian history, and helping them with pronunciation.

I go out a lot with students, they know all the best and cheapest places. So that is very fun. I had my first motorbike accident last week. Which was all very funny and came with the experience of being in Vietnam.

I have tried so many different foods that are just amazing, but have also lost a lot of weight! So far on my weekends I travel to towns around HCM, Such as Mui Ne, and Vung Tau, which are beach places. At the end of this month I will be going to Mui Ne, and a few places around there.

I have started a Vietnamese speaking course, to try and learn the language better. My students are also helping me with this so it is all very dandy. All in all life here is just plain awesome!

Quick facts
Capital: Hanoi
Government: Republic
Language: Vietnamese
Population: 88.1 million
Religions: Buddhism
Timezone: GMT +7
Climate: climate, with humidity averaging 84 % throughout the year
Currency: đồng
"Discovering Vietnam and how radically different it is from England (I really did fall in love with it) has also made me want to travel more and explore the world and all it has to offer. I would never have been this adventurous had I not been on this placement; it’s really opened my eyes to the world."

Marianne, English teacher